Why Train as a Maternity Nurse?

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3 min readMar 15, 2018

We ask Emma from Babyem, our official training partner, a few questions about one of their most popular courses — Maternity nurse training.

Why should I train as a Maternity Nurse?

Training to be a maternity nurse is a fantastic career for those that love working with babies, and are looking for a flexible career. Every client and baby is different, meaning that no one job is ever the same. You get to choose the hours you work; for example days, nights or 24 hours, and many maternity nurses work internationally.

Many maternity nurses also tell us that one of the things they like the most about their job is leaving families feeling like they have made a difference.

I honestly don’t think you can beat a job that combines all of these elements!

How long is the course?

You can either complete the course online or attend our training venue in South Kensington.

If you are looking for a course that you can do in your own time and which includes guided support, the online maternity course would be a good option.

We have an enrolment period for this course, and then work with that specific group of students over an 8 week period.

Candidates work through modules on a weekly basis in their own time. Each week we run a live webinar with an industry expert to further explore topics. For example our sleep section is led by a well known Holistic Sleep Coach, and the postnatal depression and birth trauma module is led by a Perinatal Psychologist.

Learners also receive support throughout the course and are invited to join our private Facebook group.

For those people that want to attend a physical course we offer a 2 day online + 2 day intensive course in London.

Before the course candidates are required to complete 1 day online learning course so that we know all students have a good understanding of key theory and concepts, and then come along to our training venue in London for 2 days and after the course candidates have access to bonus modules. We know we perhaps ask more of students than other agencies, but we believe strongly that this is such an important role, and we want our students to be able to tell parents why they are suggesting something, and be confident that what they are suggesting or doing is based on evidence.

We always have an experienced maternity nurse attend our London training course and answer any questions candidates have regarding the job. We also run a free bonus baby massage workshop which is delivered by the renowned Active Birth Centre.

What costs are involved?

Our online course is only available at level 4. Candidates do not need to have a level 3 qualification in maternity Nursing before attending.

With our attendance based course candidates can choose to complete the course at level 3 (A level standard) or level 4 (Degree standard). The level 3 assessment costs £475 and the level 4 assessment costs £640 (we offer an affordable instalment plan for candidates).

At what stage in my nanny career should I think about doing this?

There is no set answer to this! We often have a lot of experienced nannies attend this course, as well as childminders, health professionals or in some cases people looking to change career and care for babies.

Can I undertake some work placements after the course?

Yes, we encourage learners to complete newborn placements with us. The placement scheme has proven to help candidates gain experience and confidence, which of course helps them become more employable and develop a parent network.

How much can I earn working as an Maternity Nurse?

Fees vary and Maternity Nurses are self employed. Candidates are paid an hourly rate if working days or night and a 25 hour rate if working 24 hours.

The best thing to do is look on agency websites.

Originally published at nanny.network on March 15, 2018.