Six easy ways to boost your family’s immune system

Nanny Network
2 min readSep 19, 2018


The change of seasons combined with the kids going back to school can often leave everybody sick at home during September. Take a look at these helpful and natural ways to help boost your immune system — suitable for the whole family.

  1. Go for the ginger!

Garlic is great for immunity as it contains lots of antioxidants but ginger works just as well and leaves no smell. You can use a garlic press to ‘juice’ a cube of ginger for a hot tea — add honey and lemon for the extra nutrients. Fantastic warming way to start or finish the day.

2. Everybody loves the sunshine

As the days are getting shorter — it’s really important to get outside and in the sun. Sunlight triggers the production of vitamin D so even 15 minutes out there can be beneficial. Don’t get stuck inside when its cold — wrap up and head into the sun even just for a short time.

3. ‘An apple a day…’

If only it was as simple as ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ but it’s almost true! Make sure you and the children are eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to get the right nutrient intake. For particularly fussy children — consider supplements until you find a better way to get them eating those greens.

4. Hibernation

Getting enough sleep as the season changes to be colder is really important. Sleep deprivation means an overload of the hormone cortisol — which can suppress your immune system. Try to get a good routine at night time for you and kids so the family gets as much sleep as possible.

5. Exercise

A great idea is to exercise as a family! This often turns into a lifelong fitness habit when children are taught to exercise from a young age. Find something that works for you all — not only will it boost your immune system — but serotonin levels are replenished after exercise making you feel great from the inside. It’s not easy but try to find a routine that works for everybody — and stick to it. Build it into your schedule and make the time for it.

6. Guard against germs

Do not forget to get kids washing their hands regularly — before eating and when coming in from outside. Schools and nurseries are a hotbed of germs — it’s really important to get into the habit at home. Fighting germs is not boosting immunity but its a way to reduce stress on the immune system and in the long run will help.